The Fast, Safe and Easy Way for One Person  to Load  or Unload Your 

Motorcycle, Trike, Chopper, ATV, Snowmobile, Watercraft, Equipment etc.

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Just 2 Easy Steps !

1  Roll a motorcycle up to the cradle and tie-down the front. 

2  Press the button to load.     (approx 30 seconds) 

To Unload: 

 1  Press the Button and Pull back on the track to start the motion and let gravity and the controlled reverse action of the winch lower your bike to the ground. 

     (Lower Your Side Stand and Untie)

(See Photos @ Bottom of Page)

Loader in 6 1/2ft Puckup bed        Loader in an RV Toter

     Snowmobile  Attachment    

    Trike  Attachment     

• Handles BIG Motorcycles with ease (up to 1000lbs)
• Fast and Simple – One Person Operation
•Lifts motorcycle from FLAT on the ground
•Full lift cycle time under one minute
• Strong Structural Steel 3 Piece Frame
  ONE Person can set up and remove unit easily
• 2,500lb. Winch with safety brake
• 12' wired remote control (plug in)
• Two units can fit in a standard width pickup bed
• Fits almost any truck or trailer
• Easy Installation with 3 bolts
•Removes in just a few minutes
• Tough Powder-Coat Finish for Durability


The Standard lift is 95" long, and 24" wide. Front tire cradle is 6" wide and sits 7" above truck bed. A bar is attached with two bolts through the floor and bed frame at the front of the truck bed. For all pickups, 3 holes are drilled through the floor and bed frame. Route the all weather cable from this bar, to the truck's battery. The pre-assembled lift together with the winch motor is then slid into the truck bed and attached to the bar with two additional .5" bolts. Plug into the quick disconnect and you're ready to go. When in use, the tailgate must be removed on 8 foot beds and placed in the down position on shorter beds. Complete instructions are included with each lift.

2 Year  Limited  Warrantee



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