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Tire Treatment

I have used many tire treatments and most have looked good the day that I used them.   But most would ONLY look good for a day or two or three,  I did my tires with your product a good month or two ago and I can just buff the road dirt off with a dry cloth and they still are looking good !! 

The best I have ever used! - easy to use + Doesn't look Fake (plastic like)

I had some plastic mounts on some lights on my Tractor Trailer that I could not get to look good at all for more then a couple days.  I am now using your ENVY Tire Shine on them  and they Look Great for months and months.    I love it on my tires too, it keeps them new looking.

I love it on my tires and use it on all my other plastic trims too.

Hey I don't know if you recommend it, but I have tried many products on my Black Convertible Top and liked None - Your "Tire" is Awesome!

Metal  Polish

 I told my husband I would polish the wheels on our MotorHome before an RV Rally.  After hand polishing for hours the 1st day my husband bought me a Polishing Ball so I could use an electric drill.  Well after 5 1/2 hrs I got the Front Wheels Done.  At the Rally you showed us how your ENVY  Metal Polish can do a rear wheel in minutes, and really shine!!   We bought your "Special" and love all the products!

Before attending a motorcycle rally I spent the whole day polishing my stock rims on my Harley.  While at the rally I saw a guy polish a 12" section of his stock rim in just 15 seconds, and it looked a lot better then mine.   He showed me the ENVY Metal Polish he had just bought and pointed you out.

I have Alcoa aluminum wheels on my MotorHome and I have tried many products that make them look better, but I have always been looking for something to make them "Shine"  Your product actually did it !    Now people are telling me my wheels are Chrome, not Aluminum !

I had my Aluminum Wheels cleaned with Acid once and I have never been able to remove the spots and streaks that the acid left behind.       That ENVY shined "Unbelievably" quick and the Acid Spots where gone!!

I am an 18 wheeler owner/operator I bought your metal polish and really love it, but when I got home my wife tried it on her jewelry and she says she is keeping that bottle at home.  So I'm going to need another.

I love everything to do with boats and diving.  I have collected lots of old boat stuff and diving equipment.  I could not believe that the Brass parts on some of that 80 year old Diving Helmet could look Brand New!!

I took your advice on my MotorCycle Windshield which I was going to throw away.   It was badly faded (yellowish/milky)   I used the ENVY metal polish on it, I have never seen a metal polish that wouldn't destroy plastics.  I then followed up with the ENVY  vehicle polish, unbelievable !!    I no longer need a new one.

We have 22.5" Alcoa Aluminum wheels on our Truck/RV Conversion.  One day my better half sat down with a bottle of your ENVY Metal Polish and a couple Terry Towels and polished around every nut, every hole.  She was done in just one hour,  I have many times spent hours and hours on one wheel.    The Amazing thing was I didn't have to polish them again in a month or two.    Instead an Incredible 14 1/2 mo. later they still looked GOOD!       I repolished them again and it took me an Absolutely Incredible 6 1/2 min.  (No not each, but BOTH !)

I have a Sterling Silver Tray that has been in the family for years and I really wanted to clean it up.  After I bought 4 or 5 different products but they did basically nothing.     I decided I would not buy anything else until someone could prove to me that their product works.    Well after about 10 different failures I spoke with you and you showed me something that really really really worked.   It's been quite awhile and every time I look at it it is still shining like I just polished it.   THANK YOU !!

In restoring old aircraft we have found your metal polish to be a life saver and a time saver too.

I have a motorcycle that is 26 years old. I have always kept my Exhaust Pipes looking good with steelwool and wax.  When I tryed your Metal Polish I was amazed!     It took about 30 seconds to clean a pipe and the Blueing Disapeared and now they are just a slightly golden chrome.

Vehicle Polish

Hi, I  had to let you know that since I got your polish I have been using it on just about everything!!   The other day I was in my kid's room and he showed me some of his Game DVDs that he said didn't work right any more.  I polished them, and to my amazement they work again !!

I  wanted to thank you again!  We met at the Motorcycle event last month and you convinced me to use your polish before the Bike Show.   Well I thought  "I guess it Couldn't Hurt"    I still can't believe that I Won.  The guy that got 2nd place has the same model bike as mine with about $5000.00 more in Chrome + Lights.    But I took Home the Big Throphy,   Mine just Gleamed !!

We love to Explore Nature.  We where out Four Wheeling in the the Deserts and Washes of Nevada one week and we had my wife's vehicle.  When we got back at the end of the day and she saw what the car looked like with all the Dirt and Mud and Branch Scratches   She Was NOT Happy !!       Well we where Dry Camping out in the middle of nowhere, so there was no way to wash it.   I removed the heavy dirt with a soft brush then just started spraying on your Vehicle Polish and polishing it.  In about 15 minutes I invited her back out to see.    She walked around it a couple times trying to find some scratches.            Thanks!    you saved me again.

We live in the NorthEast and one March evening on our way home we hit a Heavy Wet Snow Storm.  So heavy that we had to stop about every 5 miles to uncover the headlights and clear the windshield so we could see.   The forth time I stopped I remembered having the ENVY polish in the back of the car.   I sprayed it on the headlights, hood and windshield and tryed to spread it around and remove the excess with snow.  I did not have to stop again the rest of the way home,   COOL !!

I have Corian Counter Tops in my RV and I got a coffee cup stain on it that I have tried everything for the past 5 to 6 month and can not get it out until I tried your ENVY  vehicle polish.

I couldn't believe it, you just saved me over $1,000.00   I have one of those big clear shields on the front of my motorhome.   I had recently decided to remove or replace it because I always keep my coach looking great, but the shield is getting worse!   (hazy + yellowish)  I removed the shield and polished both sides a couple times as you suggested.    I have now reinstalled it,  But it looks like I did buy a new one.

My Corian Counter Tops have always felt gritty and have never shined.    Now they actually shine, feel smooth and after Frying foods my Corian wipes up so easy too.

I bought a quart of your polish and did the front of my RV at the RV Rally last week.  My buddy saw me polishing and he came out and used window cleaner on the front of his RV.     After driving over 150 miles to this RV Rally. I Can Not believe the difference.  My rig  like has nothing on it for bugs and my buddy's rig is like plastered !!        They did like Bounce Off,  like you said.

You Made me $ 10,000.00 -  I bought a quart of your polish for my new RV I just ordered.   While waiting for my new MotorHome to arrive I figured I would try to sell mine myself, then I figured if I polished it I would have better luck.   When I returned to the dealer to see if my new one arrived yet they could not believe what my old rig looked like and they allowed me $10,000.00 more in trade.   I can't thank you enough !!

I used to wash my MotorHome like constantly - 1 to 3 times every weekend when we took it out because being Royal Blue it looked like it hadn't been washed in awhile after just 10 miles down the road. But now after using your product a couple times I find myself just spending about 2 or 3 minutes with a California Duster for Weeks or Months at a time.     It's   GGRREEAAAAAAT  !!!!

I am saving an unbelievable amount of time - I have a 26ft Class A MotorHome I  have found the best polish that I have ever used was Turtle Wax it gave the best and longest shine. It would take me about 5 1/2 hrs to polish her.     The first time I used the ENVY It took me only an hour and 12 min. and I thought that was a huge time savings, but now repeat times polishing is only taking me 30 to 45 min.           Unbelievable !!!

When Restoring old cars in a Museum it takes lots of $$$    Your Vehicle Polish can take a badly faded / oxidized / cracked  finish look really really good. (from a distance)   But up close of course the cracks didn't go anywhere, but from a distance just 15 - 20 min. work and about $2 of product looks like Lots of Hours and Expense.     Basically - Your product    Makes Us Shine !

I have to admit at first I didn’t believe you when you said your vehicle polish could avoid me having to replace me headlights on my motorhome of   which I had already priced at $163.00 each.       Well after a couple squirts and some rubbing I was Impressed !!

                                                                       The next time that I drove at night, What a difference !!


About 12 years ago I had a Motorcycle Windshield that was so bad that I could not see through it at night when meeting another vehicle!     So I threw it out behind my barn where it laid for 4 or 5 yrs.  Then I bought another Bike and needed a windshield.  I dug it out of the grass and used your ENVY Vehicle Polish and it totally came back to life.  I am still getting people asking where we bought our windshield, they want one.  They don't believe me when I tell them you Can Not buy one, this windshield has over 328,000 miles on it, it's on it's 8th motorcycle and is over 26 years old !!


All   Products

                    After using ENVY  Vehicle Polish, Metal Polish and Tire Treatment  we entered our first ever  Truck Show.

                             We took 2nd place in   “Special Interest”                     Click  Here to See

Update:   I  never would have believed it if someone told me - It has been over a year and a half since the truck Show and our rig still Looks Good !!

I  bought your "Special"  which includes all 3 of your products to use on my new vehicle I was planning on buying soon.     Well I ended up using the products on my present vehicle and was delighted when I got $1,500.00 more on trade then prices I had gotten before.


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