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Here is Quartzsite, Arizona   the rest of the year          (thats I-10)

From the bottom of the picture follow the road up (west) on left, half way between the bushes and the buildings is where we setup



Here is Quartzsite in Dec. thru Feb.

Vendors along the sides of all the roads and  RVs  ALL OVER  the desert !!  and it looks about the same on the desert for miles North and South

The Population Summer is about 1,000 - Winter average 55,000  But for about 6 weeks mid Jan thru mid Feb an estimated 1.6M to 2.1M people pass through Quartzsite,  yes Million!!


Then going South (left) about 3 miles

 Here is a closeup picture of the desert there (below) looking East



Here was Our Vending setup one year

Vending               New – Used – Consignment           (Two Tents This Year 2003/04)

Looking at Front From Near Road     (Green to Right is a Café)     Note Our Motorhome Roof and Antenna Behind Us

Going in The Front Door - Back Room is Back to Left       (Lots of Stuff - Mostly Consignment)

Inside Looking Towards back Room

The "Back Room"

From The Back Room Looking into Front Room


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