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What is a Truck Conversion?

Conversions are typically built on a commercial truck chassis. This can be a business class or class 8 truck. They include MotorCoaches,  MotorCoaches w/ Garage, ToterHomes, + Toters in Medium Dutys and Heavy Dutys.

What Types are There?

MotorCoach - many have a class c style (bunk over the cab) and range from basics to 

traditional motorhome interior styling to extravagant custom marble and wood interiors.

MotorCoach with Garage - front half to two thirds is living space and the back area is designed to haul your toys 

and can also tow Heavy trailers.

ToterHome - contains a good size living area behind the cab with a 5th wheel or gooseneck hitch and can tow large trailers.

Toter - Medium Duty - or business class trucks converted for hauling 5th wheel, gooseneck + RV trailers.

Toter -Heavy Duty - semi tractor trucks (Class 8) converted for hauling 5th wheel, gooseneck + RV trailers.

Why Would I Need One?

Truck Conversions are not for everyone, but as our hobbies grow so must our vehicles. Safety is one of the primary reasons you should consider a conversion. Commercial truck chassisís and motors where designed to carry heavy commercial loads hundreds of thousands of miles. Class A gas motorhome manufacturers are pushing the limits of chassis and motor, driven by buyers demand for more space. Many of the Heavy Duty pickup trucks although have diesel motors which are capable of pulling the load do not have the braking systems or the weight to stop the load. In a conversion you gain weight carrying capacity, stability, excellent driving characteristics and strength. 

Arenít Conversions overkill?
Any time you need to alter the motor or suspension to improve, eliminate, maintain, or just get by with the motorhome or tow vehicle you own presently, you need to consider a conversion. Better to error on the side of excess than be at the breaking point of your vehicle and comprise the safety of your family and others on the road. 

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