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Do  You ! Need   A Towed Vehicle Brake ?

Well  Let's  See !

Did You Know Almost Every State and All of Canada Requires Them ??

At What Weight Does Your State Require Brakes ?

(All / 1,000lb / 1,500lb / 3,000lb ???)


Does Your State Require a Breakaway   System ?


Do You Plan on Traveling in Canada ?

or Through Canada to Alaska ?


Do You Tow Your Vehicle with

a  Tow Dolly  (with or w/o Brakes)

or a Tow Bar ?


Did You Know a 4,000 to 5,000 Lb. Car Can Apply 16,000 to 20,000 Lbs. of  Inertia

to The Back of Your Coach in a Panic Stop !!


In The Case of an Accident, Will Your Insurance Company Be There For You ?

If You Where Not Equipped as Required by  Your   State ??


How Do I Choose The Right Brake ?

    How Accessible is the Manufacturer ?

 What is the Length of the Warranty ?     ( 90 Day / 1Year/ 2 Years/ 3Years ?? )

  Is There a Money Back Guarantee ?

 How Does the Brake Activate ?     +    When Does the Brake Activate ?

Can I Control When the Brake Applies ?       And How Hard the Brake Applies ?

 Is a Breakaway System  Available ?      And what is the Cost ?

Is a  Signal in the Coach  Available ?       And what is the Cost ?

Is Installation Available ?

 Can I Install it Myself ?

  What Adjustments, Lubrication  or     Maintenance is Required ?


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