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Wheelchair Loading Ramps

A portable wheelchair ramp you can count on!   Get your motorized wheelchair or motorized scooter in and out of any truck or van with confidence.  The ramp's compressed arch design allows you to load your wheelchair or motorized scooter safely with no scary bending, wobbling or folding.  Also great as temporary wheelchair ramps over steps, providing a tractioned, sturdy surface in any weather. These portable wheelchair loading ramps are 10 feet long and 36" wide, allowing it to fit in any standard 3' doorway, with plenty of lateral space. As a portable wheelchair ramp, you won't find better: It's got a 1200 lb duty rating and a 3000 lb capacity. It is the best portable loading ramp money can buy!

ADA Wheelchair Ramp Compliance
The wheelchair Ramp's 10 foot length will meet or exceed 1:12 slope for a typical riser, graduated arch design prevents high centering. Its the best portable ramp available for a temporary or removable wheelchair loading ramp.

Our  wheelchair ramps require less than three square feet of storage space, fold to a 9" depth, weigh in at 78 lbs, and are equipped with wheels for easy transport. A punched and raised aluminum traction platform allows for safe use, even when wet. The ramp's patented compressed arch design allows for maximum strength and stability during use. Stainless steel hinges and lack of structural welds insure a long life and unequalled durability. 


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