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   30 Amp  +  50 Amp  

PLUS - Questions + Answers

The Solution to Low Park Voltage

You'll soon learn why RVers everywhere are "Stepping Up" to a PowerMaster

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RVing is more popular than ever! The only downside is that parks are filling with more RVs with increasingly sophisticated appliances and electronics. Oftentimes, the demand for power outstrips the park's ability to deliver it. And low voltage can damage electronics or even make them completely inoperable.

On this site, you'll not only find the solution to this growing problem, but we'll acquint you to our range of products, which give RVers total control over their power needs.

30Amp    Voltage Controller     

The VC-30 incorporates revolutionary new internal switching control for simple and problem-free operation. Also, the surge protection feature now rivals that of the expensive, commercial grade surge protectors.

    Boost - 2  1/2% + Max 12%                     (2 Step vs Single + 20% over Other Brands)
    Surge Protection to 1,790 Joules          (Over Twice that of Other Brands)
    S W=6" L=5" H=12"
    Wt. 22 lbs.
    Made in the USA
    2 year limited warranty

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Installation Kit for 30 Amp

5-foot, 30 Amp cord with male plug  +  30 Amp female receptacle for the service cord

50Amp    Voltage Controller     

   The VC-50 is a dual transformer 50 amp controller for those RVs with a 50 amp power requirement. The VC-50 has    

   the same outstanding control and surge features as found in the VC-30.

    Boost - 2  1/2% + Max 12%                  (2 Step vs Single + 20% over Other Brands)
    Surge Protection to 3,580 Joules        (Over Twice that of Other Brands)
    S W=9" L=5" H=12"
    Wt. 40 lbs.
    Made in the USA
    2 year limited warranty

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Installation Kit for 50 AMP

5-foot, 50 Amp cord with male plug  +  50 Amp female receptacle for the service cord

Why do I need Voltage Control for my RV?

The most compelling reason is that replacing appliances is costly (not to mention inconvenient, a waste of time, and a hassle to get them replaced). And more often than not, you don't even realize there's a problem until you see the smoke!

Many AC motors will burn out when they draw too much current, which is what happens when there's insufficient voltage. When the power supplied by the park is too low for an appliance or group of appliances being operated (for example, if you're running both the air conditioning and the microwave), you generally can't run those appliances or any additional appliance without risk of damage.

Voltage controllers are designed to increase voltage to your RV and help eliminate low voltage damage to your appliances. Unlike a 'boost transformer', PowerMaster Voltage Controllers will automatically adjust the output based on the load demand. Therefore, you can run additional appliances on a 30 amp input. For example: a coffee pot and microwave each draw 1,200 watts for a total of 2,400 watts. Add wattage for the converter and refrigerator – about 800 additional watts – and you have 3,200 watt demand. If you are only getting 100 volts from the supply, the maximum wattage would be 3,000 watts.

The PowerMaster Voltage Controller output will self-adjust depending on the demand. With the increase in the voltage to the RV (through the voltage controller) the amperage demand will be lower and the overall performance will be greater. Your appliances will operate smoothly & efficiently without premature wear & damage to motors and compressors. With an operation range of approximately 94 to 125 volts input, the PowerMaster Voltage Controller will boost your RV voltage to safe & efficient levels.

To see What Separates the PowerMaster Voltage Controls from the Competition

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Hook up is simplicity itself! Just plug it in to the incoming power post, then plug your RV's power cord into your PowerMaster voltage controller. That's all there is to it. PowerMaster's internal switching controls handle the rest automatically.

Our design allows for secure locking to the incoming power post. These units may also be installed inside your RV bay for added convenience with the optional Installation Kit.

For more information, please refer to your VC-30 and VC-50 User's Guide.

Questions + Answers

Q. What is low voltage?
A. Most appliance manufactures specify power usage described in watts at a voltage of 120 V +/- 10%. ). Life expectancy of these appliances would be greatly reduced, if operated at under 108 volts or over 132 volts (e.g. air conditioners, inverters, microwaves, electronic control boards).

Q.  I have a 50A RV,  I stay mainly in 30amp parks;  Can I use a 30A Voltage Controller
A. This is a common question that many have. The answer lies in the capability of the voltage controller. If you can keep your usage to less than 3,600 Watts, the VC-30 will work for you, but it is highly unlikely that you can or even want to operate at such low levels in a 50A RV. Most of the warranty claims we see come from 50A RVs using 30A voltage controllers. Save yourself grief and use a VC-50 on a 50A RV.

Q. I have been told that voltage controllers steals power from others in the RV Park. Is this true?
A. The answer to this question is NO. How this got going, is beyond me.

Anybody who has even the slightest knowledge of electricity has to know that is impossible. What occurs when using voltage controllers is that a little less than one Amp is consumed when it is converted into ten volts. This is a mathematical equation as described in Ohms Law. The resulting higher voltage allows your RV to operate more efficiently when using its electrical appliances. I guess that when some idiot sees that you have a higher voltage than he has, he must think (using the term loosely) that you must be taking voltage from him.

Q. Are PowerMaster voltage controllers surge protectors?

A. PowerMaster units do protect against surges (1,790 and 3,580 Joules respectively, which is roughly equivalent to anything less than a direct lightning strike, and is well over double the protection provided by other brands). It accomplishes this task through the use of MOVs ( metal oxide varistors). Upon taking a high voltage hit, these devices direct the harmful high voltage to ground. They do, however, need to be replaced after such an event.

Q. Is there a way that I can lock up my PowerMaster voltage controller?

A. Place the machine close to the park power post. Using a bicycle cable lock; thread it through the welded handle and under the breaker box.

Q. Are PowerMaster voltage controllers waterproof?

A. NO they are not! Although they are designed to be weatherproof  for use either outside or inside your RV, "weatherproof" means that they are designed to withstand most any type of "normal" weather. If there are torrential rains, or a nearby sprinkler, put a plastic grocery bag over your PowerMaster.

Q. I don’t understand how the installation kit works?

A. This kit consists of a female receptacle and a five foot pigtail with a male connector on one end. The most common point to install the kit is at the transfer switch, that is if you have one. Otherwise, choose a convenient junction box along the incoming shore power line.

Making sure the incoming power is off, remove the cover of the transfer switch box. Disconnect the incoming power line. Remove that line from the box and attach the female receptacle to the appropriate lugs. Now direct your attention to the posts in the transfer box that you removed the incoming power line. Attach the pigtail as in the same condition as you originally observed the connections.

Place your PowerMaster unit in the compartment and plug it in to the new connections.

If you do not feel comfortable in doing the above tasks, have somebody help you that is more savvy around electricity.

Q. I purchased my PowerMaster voltage controller as a used machine. Is the warrantee still in effect?

A. No, the warranty applies to the original purchaser only.



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