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This is a MUST HAVE for Contractors of every trade!

Take a Load Off Your Mind, Knowing That We're Keeping Your Load Off The Road !!!

Tie-Down's Aren't Enough!

Safely secure your load the 1 st time       

Ladder TieDowns TOO !!

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Laws are getting stricter and fines are being raised for unsecured loads. It's safe to say 8 of 10 loads will probably get loose during transport. Load-Helper has designed a unique Safety product that will safely contain your material load during transport.

Load-Helper does not replace your tiedowns but easily works with them.

Made from the finest materials to provide durability and long lasting use. Each cargo enclosure is made from 420 denier nylon, and the extension is made from poly webbing.

Designed to make it easier, safer and more efficient to secure your load to your vehicle, by simply attaching to your tie downs, Load-Helper™ will save you valuable time trying to secure your materials.


Available in three sizes, making it easy for you to choose the right size for your particular needs, while allowing it to handle virtually any size load.

  Small Cargo Enclosure comes with an attached red warning flag & 1 cargo extension strap.              Dimensions: 6"H x 8" W x 12"L

  Medium Cargo Enclosure comes with an attached red warning flag &1 cargo extension strap.            Dimensions: 10"H x 15"W x 12"L

Large Cargo Enclosure comes with an attached red warning flag & 1 cargo extension strap.                Dimensions: 12"H x 24"W x 12"L

Cargo Extension Strap adds an extra 3' for use with longer loads.

Follow these easy steps to use your Load-Helper™ and Cargo Extension.

1. Place your materials on your trailer, truck, or van.

2. Place Load-Helper™ over materials.

3. Pull tie-down straps through Load-Helper™ loops.

4. *Finish by securing tie-downs.

For Longer Loads

1. Follow steps 1& 2.

2. Pull Extension Strap through Load-Helper™ loops until they meet.

3. Pull tie-down straps through Extension Strap loops.

4. *Finish by securing tie-downs.

*For best results, all tie-downs must be tight and secure.

Load-Helper LLC is not responsible for loads that shift or loosen due to unsecured tie-downs. Any changes or modifications made to Load-Helper™ products without authorization from Load-Helper LLC voids any warranties and is the consumer’s responsibility should any problems occur. If any rips, tears or damage to webbing occurs, discontinue use. 

NEW !!          Ladder  Tiedowns That Are Truely Unique !!


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