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This is a Story Told Mostly in Poetry Form, About the Illness of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction as Seen and Experienced by the Author. 


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In       “Boozing and Losing – and Drugging, Too”

The author  “Joe M” starts with verses titled  “Alcoholism” and “Drug Addiction”  in verses titled “Take a Look at the Children” and

 “Broken Promises” he goes on to some of the effects this has on the children and the addiction.

“Love, Won’t You Come on Home” and

“Day by Day”  poignantly record the loss of friends and family. The poem “Ya-But” debunks self-pity and rationalization which can lead to  “The Yets”

In “I am Locked in a Prison of Hell”  the Poet finds that it is  “Much Darker Then Night”  while

“The Fellowship” is a tribute to those who helped him find a new life.  “Walking With The Lord” is a moving poem of devotion.

Here is a collection of verses that chronicles his subsequent salvation.

Joe M.  is a previously published poet who lives in New Hampshire.  His journey toward healing has taken him through many institutions.

The author’s hobbies include reading and songwriting. 

This is Poetry that should be read page to page in order to get a better understanding of the illness and some of it’s consequences.

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