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G P S Units

Turn your laptop PC into a GPS Navigator      /     ALSO Handheld (below)

"Much more FULLY FEATURED than Microsoft Streets & Trips."        PC Magazine 

DeLorme has engineered the software from the ground up to provide many unique in-vehicle capabilities not found in comparably priced systems – or in systems costing over $1,000, for that matter.

     + Handheld (below)-->  

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Plug-and-play laptop GPS utilizes your existing large screen

Completely updated map database, now with Canadian street-level maps

GPS voice commands, spoken directions, automatic back on track


Turn Your Laptop PC Into a Powerful GPS Tracking Device for only $99.95!

Includes Amazing Spoken Directions and Voice-Command Technologies


Never Get Lost Again
When was the last time you wasted valuable travel time because you took a wrong turn in an unfamiliar location? Now there's an affordable and reliable solution -- the Earthmate GPS LT-20 receiver. The Earthmate GPS LT-20 is a high-performance, easy-to-use link to the satellite navigation technology of the Global Positioning System (GPS). Accessing these satellites is available for no additional charge. Earthmate, connected to a USB laptop PC, shows your real-time position on detailed Street Atlas USA maps anywhere in the U.S., so you will always know where you are and where you need to go. Do even more with your laptop PC by adding the Earthmate GPS LT-20 -- Global Positioning System technology now available for everyone.


Getting Started is Easy
Plug the Earthmate GPS LT-20 into the USB port of your laptop PC. The low-power chipset draws power from your laptop, meaning no GPS batteries are needed. Install the Street Atlas software, choosing to load the entire second data disc onto your hard drive if you want. The software also includes over 4 million places of interest. Place the GPS as close to your front windshield as possible, ideally using the enclosed suction cup on the attached cable to hold the GPS against the glass. Click on the software GPS tab and you’ll see your position updated in real time on the maps as you drive. There are many custom GPS options included within the GPS tab.

Real-time GPS tracking using the Earthmate GPS LT-20 and Street Atlas USA software with high-contrast map settings option turned on and large turn arrows showing the next turn and the turn after when tracking against a pre-planned route.

Earthmate GPS includes a built-in LED that transitions through the various satellite acquisition modes: red for searching, yellow for two satellites in view, and green for at least three satellites in view. Earthmate GPS is a 12-channel NMEA-compliant receiver.

      New! Earthmate GPS LT-20

Only $99.95 with Street Atlas USA  Software Included!
Never get lost again with this easy and affordable GPS receiver that turns your laptop PC into a powerful GPS system. Included Street Atlas USA software provides many unique advantages for in-vehicle GPS usage, including address-to-address routing, spoken directions and voice commands, easy-to-read large direction and turn arrows, and high-contrast screen settings for optimum viewing under glare conditions.


Turn Your Laptop PC into a Powerful GPS Navigator At $100, no vacation planner with a laptop should be without this gem.”
- Chicago Tribune


“I have been using variations of DeLorme mapping software and its GPS device for about a decade all over the continent and it has more than repaid its cost in terms of frustration and time saved and, now that I think of it, gasoline wasted. Not only did the DeLorme system always get me to the right place, it often directed me to alternate routes when the primary path (usually an interstate) was jammed. This is also a gas saver since you get zero miles to the gallon when you’re stuck motionless in traffic.”
Alex Law - Windsor (Ontario) Star


 "Much more FULLY FEATURED than Microsoft Streets & Trips."        PC Magazine


DeLorme Street Atlas USA with Earthmate GPS Preferred by the Washington Post over Microsoft Streets and Trips with GPS
" DeLorme put some thought into making Street Atlas USA easy to use in motion. You can set the program to display one trip segment at a time, using large, high-contrast type and graphics. It can also call out each turn in a synthesized voice and responds to basic spoken commands, such as "next turn" or "be quiet." Which to choose? Once you're rolling, Street Atlas USA works better. Microsoft's directions come in the form of too-small text, coupled with detailed maps that will be hard for a co-pilot to read -- assuming he or she doesn't get carsick from the effort."
– Washington Post (Sept. 5, 2004)


What was NEW !  for  2007

The many new and enhanced features available with the 2007 CDs edition

The Earthmate GPS LT-20 is the latest generation of laptop GPS solutions utilizing chipsets from ST Micro and SiGe, as well as firmware and software provided by DeLorme.

Unlike previous laptop GPS solutions from DeLorme, this one is easily powered by the USB port of laptop PCs, drawing minimal power in the process. Signal acquisition and retention times are vastly improved compared to previous models.

Updated Maps

Updated Places of Interest

Improved Usability

DVD  "PLUS" Edition

What's NEW !  for  2008

Now comes with all of Canada and Mexico

Available in DVD Only!!

Minimum Internet Browser -  Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or later


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All-in-One,  Handheld - with Topographic, Highway, Back Roads and Aerial Imagery !!


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