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Some    ENVYous!    Results + Videos


ON:  Faded and Oxidized Paints

                                  "Watch These 2 Videos"

        40 Year Old Truck - Never Seen Wax       "Before"              LOOK!    "After"    See Reflection!!                   < Watch the Truck Video >     

                  < Watch the Car Video >

        16 Year Old Car - Never Seen Wax       "Before"              LOOK!    "After"                    

We met a couple that had experienced a Guard Rail Post - They had got a repair estimate of $2,800.00

We made a great Improvement in about 15 min. for them with  ENVY  Products.


                        Guard Rail Post Damage                                            I Polished Out Damaged Area, then complete lower panel.

                                                                                                          (see differance of bottom from top and front panels now)

           What kind of difference can it make on Faded Paints and Plastics.

We just purchased a 20+ year old vehicle - the paint and convertable top windows where in poor shape.

After polishing both inside and out twice it was quite a noticeable difference.  

                                                                                                                                                    Before !!                                  After !!

ENVY  Metal Polish -   Works on all Aluminum,  Copper,  Brass,  Nickel,  Sterling Silver, Coins  and  Jewelry.

You'll  even want to try it on    Cast Aluminum and Steel - it even makes Lead Shine !!



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