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ENVY    Questions + Answers

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For Those Who Already Know   ENVY   Products              Congratulations !   

  You Have Finally Found Some Products That You Have Probably Spent Years Searching For.

A Group of us in New England Have Spent Over 11 Years Testing Thousands and Thousands of Products From All Over the World 

to Find the Best !    and Now We Bring them to You.


Product Info:  (Others)

Other  Vehicle  Polishes -  Most products contain 3.5% to 41% Petroleum Distillates.

The higher the level of Petroleum Distillates the more you should stay away from Rubbers + Vinyls + Plastics,

It dries them and yellows them.   
polishes contain Abrasives which can  Scour,  Scratch  or  Wear  some surfaces.

Many contain  Silicones,  or  Teflons.     Some  Silicones,  or  Teflons depending on how they are derived can be 

absorbed by the paint or by the Surface Material it's self, making Body Work Difficult,  and in some cases Impossible.

Other  Metal  Polishes -  Many  metal polishes contain Acids  ( they recommend rubber gloves be used)

Acids can  Etch,  Stain,  Streak or Spot many surfaces.    Most  metal polishes contain Abrasives

such as Pumice or Volcanic Ash.   Abrasives can  Scour,  Scratch  or  Wear  some surfaces.

            Other  Tire  TreatmentsMany tire treatments contain  high levels of Silicones and/or Petroleum Distillates

                    that can Dry your tires.  In many cases you are better off to use Nothing then most products out there !!

"ENVY"   Product Info:

NOTE: Always use Terry Cloth Towels (Works Best)

"ENVY" Vehicle Polish -  ENVY  has  No Petroleum Distillates,  No Silicones, + No Teflons or Abrasives –

It contains UV Protestants, Carnauba Wax & Kaolin Clay.    Use it on ALL Vehicle surfaces including

Windows, Mirrors, Rubber Trims, Plex-I-Glass. Also great on your Shower, Tub, Sinks, Appliances etc.

"ENVY" Metal Polish - has NO harsh abrasives, NO acids. It cleans + polishes in seconds and seals
    to preserve that unbelievable shine for months and months !!!

Works Great !!  on  ALL  METALS !!   Copper, Brass,  Aluminum, Stainless,  Sterling Silver,  Jewelry,  Coins + More 

You Won't Believe what I have seen it do on:   Cast Aluminum, White Metal,  Steel,  Paint Scratches,  Lead,  Plastics  Etc. 

"ENVY" Tire Treatment - "Unbelievable"  Helps Rejuvenate and Protect Tires and Other Rubber + Vinyl
    Surfaces Against Drying and Aging and Does Not leave a Fake Plasticy Shine
And has two  UV Protectants.

    Yes it does contain Petroleum Distillates so it must be listed on the label, but not the high levels of  3.5% to 41% as with many products, BUT the equivalent of only  One Drop Per Gallon of  Product.       

"ENVY"   Products - Helpful Hints:

Vehicle Polish

Quick Directions :

Shake up your Quart -You might hold it up to the light to check @ bottom.    Open the applicator and fill to the Fill Line or Below.    Pump up the Applicator - till firm.        From about 10" away spray on a fine mist (if it starts to run you are putting on more then needed)       Take a small Terry Towel (face cloth maybe) and apply.        Take another Terry Towel and Buff Off. (hand towel maybe)

Use Twice:
Remember: for Best results the ENVY Vehicle and Surface Polish needs to be applied twice
to any surface.        The first time removing dirt + oxidation + old waxes etc. and then
you sometimes still leave a film of all that behind. So the 2nd application removes that film
and will improve the shine even further the next 4 to 6 times.    

	Note:   The second application is about 1/4 the effort of the First Time, 
	BUT   if you Polish Only Once then wait 6 months or so then try to polish again
	it will be just like Starting All Over Again.
How Much do I Use:

Note: When first using the polish, spray on a fine mist from about 10" away then just look at it for 10 to 15 seconds,  if it starts to run you are probably putting on more then needed.            (Remember to apply Twice the First Time)

            If you also have a Dark Vehicle or your vehicle has Dark Areas, do that First and you will better see how to apply the product.

WindowsYou will love the results of  Polishing your Windshield.  I have Not used my Windshield Wipers on the highway for over 3 1/2 years.         

Motorcycle Windshield Problems - Did you know that in the past couple years there has been a development of a new anti-yellowing,  anti-scratch film on  motorcycle windshields.  The problem is that Most polishes and cleaners can do damage or destroy that film and make your windshield unusable.   (foggy - smeary - hazey)  ENVY Vehicle Polish will  not onlt Not Harm but will Restore old windshields for you.

Can I Use To Much?  - NO  But why waste it.    As a Dealer I have setup outdoors under my awnings many weekends and I might do 30 or 50 or more Demos on the awning side of our rig with NO Buildup around Rivets or Seams etc.  But then if you look at the other side of the rig that has Not been polished for Months you can Not notice a differance !!

How   Often - You can not apply to often, but I recommend to polish the sides of your vehicle at least twice per season or if your FullTimers every 3 to 4 months or At Least twice per year.   The Front you should do a Minimum of once per month.  If I am traveling a lot I will do it every week or so.  Then the bugs wipe off  easily and I have Not used my Windshield Wipers on the highway for over 3 1/2 years.

What  do I do Between Applications - Most of the time just wipping down with a California Duster is all thats needed.   After driving in the rain what little road film you get mostly washes off in continuing rain, or  to remove, after dry use  a California Duster applying a little more pressure or you may take a damp Terry Towel and wipe off the road film then take another dry Terry Towel and buff to a shine or you may just reapply the product.

MotorHome Lexan or Plexi-Glass Frontend Shields + Bug Deflectors - If you have shields that are starting to Yellow, looking Hazy or Foggy, Looking all Scratchy.  (Basicly hard to see through)   Just Polish it twice on both sides to bring back  Looks + Clarity  and possibly saving you having to replace them. ($$)                 Headlights and Lenses Too !!

NOTE: Always use Terry Cloth Towels (Works Best)

A Quart of Vehicle Polish Goes a long Way:

If you do a medium sized Car or Truck as often as every 2 to 3 months a Quart should last you Over 2 Years.

         To do a 26ft Class A MotorHome I have gotten 8 Applications out of the First Qt. and 10 Applications from Future Qts. 

         An owner of a 43ft MCI Bus doing roof and everything got 4 Applications out of his First Qt. and 6 Applications from future Qts.           

            (Remember any Surface Must be Done Twice at First)

#2 To polish a medium sized Car or Truck you will use about a Dollar Sixty Cents worth of product, to do an average RV  or Boat you will use about Three to Four Dollars of product.

#3 You use More product the first use, the second and future applications will be about 1/4 the Effort and 1/3 the Product.  

Note:  Just 16 oz. of  "ENVY" Vehicle Polish  will wash, wax, polish & seal on average 6 to 8 autos and save over 1,000 gallons of water plus saves our earth’s water supplies from contamination.

OOPS !!  Streaks  when using - Vehicle Polish -   

#1    Is there  Water Present??           ENVY does not mix with water.

#2    If you used a Terry Towel that has been washed with Fabric Softener our polish may break down some fabric softeners so you may see streaking especially on Mirrors and Windows.

#3    Did you spray it on a Hot Surface ??      Due to the Fine Mist the product is evaporating before your able to apply it, and buff it off properly. 

Where Else Can "ENVY" Vehicle Polish be Used : 

Cars, Boats, Cycles, RVs, Snowmobiles, Bicycles, Jet Skis, Airplanes, Yachts or  your Classic, Vintage or Antique and more…Reduces friction on Skis, Sleds Etc. Don’t Forget inside your Home or RV, do your Tub, Toilet, Shower, Appliances, Mirrors and More.  When used on Windshields, water will just bead up and roll off  virtually eliminating the need to use windshield wipers, Truly amazing !!!                    ENVY also helps prevent premature interior fading.

Also great for a quick ShoeShine, to clean Eyewear, Safety Shields, Optics, TVs and Monitor Screens. ENVY  repels dust and fingerprints, minimizes small scratches and swirl marks and makes them optically clearer.    Race Drivers, Athletes, and Fire Fighters will appreciate the clarity and anti-static that keeps Helmet Shields clear, clean, and dust free much longer. Great for  boat owners, ENVY also protects against algae and barnacles.   Removes Yellowing, Hazing and Fogginess from Headlights, Shields, Deflectors, Lenses and More.

 If removed while still damp ENVY  may be used on rubber and vinyl trim & plastics too !  

BUGS     To remove bugs from the front of your vehicle, after polishing a vehicle a couple times all you have to do is use 2 Terry Cloth Towels.  Dampen 1 with water and quickly wipe the front of the vehicle, then go back to the side you started on and scrub off the bugs, then buff it back to a shine with the dry cloth.  or  If you have not polished in awhile you could just reapply the product to remove the bugs.

Do You Want to See What  "ENVY" Vehicle Polish Actually Does for You !!


First Polish 1/2 of the Front of  your Vehicle  "Twice"      (The Passenger Side Only) 

You can do what ever you want to the rest of the vehicle, but  DO NOT do the drivers side Front.

Now over the next couple weeks observe the front end.

(How  clear windshield is - passenger side)

(Bugs - amount of spatter + ease of  wiping off ) (with damp cloth)

(Rain - windshield clarity + water run off)  

(Smoothness of Surface  +  The Shine)


Metal  Polish

Quick Directions :

Hold bottle up side down and Shake Well   (till sound changes - "no more sediment on bottom")      Apply a Small amount to a Terry Towel.        Polish your metal surface.

After using "ENVY" Metal Polish  Do Not  wax or apply another product over it. it already  Polishes + Seals,  lasting many many times longer then other products.

Tire Treatment

The Directions State:    

Shake well.  Spray onto a clean, cool, dry tire surface.  Let penetrate for a few minutes.  For a maximum shine, repeat application if necessary,   No Wiping Required.

I have experienced  Improved Results by @ first use applying once,  let penetrate, Then spray a 2nd time and I  use a small piece of  folded Terry Cloth to wipe it in, getting total coverage.     Then I use another Terry Cloth and Buff to a nice Sheen !!

(Note:  I use rubber gloves when wiping to keep the dirt from the tires off my hands)


ENJOY !!    "AL"


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