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ENVY    Dealer   Information
Welcome!     As a new Dealer you probably have many questions, and you did not catch a lot of
 the points I covered with you. So here are numerous points to know, or to pass on to customers etc.    
 I will try to add more as time goes on.               “AL”

            This  Below  Information  is for Telling Customers:

Product info:

Vehicle Polish - Most products contain 3.5% to 41% Petroleum Distillates.
The higher the level of Petroleum Distillates the more you stay away from Rubbers + Vinyls + Plastics,
It dries them and yellows them.    ENVY  has None + No Silicones, Teflons or Abrasives –
It contains UV Protectants, Carnauba Wax & Kaolin Clay Use it on all Vehicle surfaces including
windows, mirrors, rubber trims, Plex-I-Glass. Also great on your Shower, tub, sinks, appliances etc.

"ENVY" Metal Polish - has NO harsh abrasives, NO acids. It cleans + polishes in seconds and seals
to preserve that unbelievable shine for months and months !!!

Tire Treatment - "Unbelievable"  Helps Rejuvenate and Protect Tires and Other Rubber + Vinyl
Surfaces Against Drying and Aging and does not leave that Fake Plasticy Shine.    

Many tire treatments contain  high levels of Silicones, Teflons and/or Petroleum Distillates that can Dry your tires.  In many cases you are better off to use Nothing then most products out there !!   

ENVY Tire Treatment contains just 1 drop of Petroleum Distillates per gallon of product.

Use Twice:
Remember: for Best results the ENVY Vehicle and Surface Polish needs to be applied twice
to any surface.        The first time removing dirt + oxidation + old waxes etc. and then
you sometimes still leave a film of all that behind. So the 2nd application removes that film
and will improve the shine even further the next 4 to 6 times.    

Note:   The next application will be about 1/3 the product and 1/4 the effort of the First Time, 
	but if you Polish Only Once then wait 6 months or so then try to polish again
	 it will be just like Starting All Over Again.

NOTE: Always use Terry Cloth Towels (Works Best)

A Quart of Vehicle Polish goes a long way:

#1     If you do a medium sized Car or Truck as often as every 2 to 3 months a Quart should last you Over 2 Years.
To do a 26ft Class A MotorHome you can get 8 Applications out of the First Qt. then 10 Applications from Future Qts. 
A 43ft MCI Bus doing roof and
everything you can get 4 Applications out of the First Qt. and 6 Applications from future Qts.           

            (Remember any surface must be done twice At First)

#2 To polish a medium sized Car or Truck you will use about a Dollar Sixty Cents worth of product, to do an RV you will use about Three to Four Dollars of product.

#3 You use More product the first use, the second and future applications will be about 1/4 the Effort and 1/3 the Product.

          The  Above  Information  is  for Telling Customers 


          The  Below  Information  for   DEALERS  ONLY        (YOU)


As far as New + Used Car Dealers you should expect poor results !    (But you could have a technique
 or personality that gets results) Most car dealers ONLY look for CHEAP! and it only needs to last 
long enough to GET IT SOLD.
Detail Shops are usually much better results.   If they say "we already have the best stuff"  or 
"We have tried dozens of different products" tell them, I can appreciate that you have tried 
A bunch of products +and spent lot of money, but the finding of these products where the results of testing 1000s of products 
From all over the world, it will just take me 30 seconds to show you what these products will do, 
OR	How many dollars and hours did you spend to find the latest product you are using today? 
	 It will just take me 30 seconds to show you.
You MUST do a 30 sec. Demo!

If you leave a test bottle to be tried when you return 90+% of the time they either Say 
"OH  I didn't get a chance to try it and/or we are happy with what we use" or 
"what we already use is better"  but you will find that they Never Tried It !!
You should do well at Cruise Nights, Motorcycle events, etc. And another option you have 
at those events is to fill pumps to the bottom of the fill line and sell it at $20 or the usual $18.95   
(that's like  $60 or $80 per Qt. for you) but present the Qts. too, not just the pumps.  
		(Note: for Testers just fill about 1 inch.)

Set Up Clubs or Organizations as a Dealer

Attend a Club Event and do lots of  Demos,  get as many members interested or purchasing as possible.                    Then approach the Club Officers, (hopefully you have already showed a couple of them first) so show them what the products do and let them know that quite a few members are interested in the products and some have already purchased.                     We can setup Your Club as a Dealer,  Your Members Love the Product and it could be a good Fund Raiser for Your Club.


You can also get some Speed Shops, Motorcycle Shops, etc.  (anything to do with "Custom")  
And  Marinas Too! "Best" go to the marinas and show the boat owners what the products will do 
and they will start telling other boat owners for you !!  Then you can try to setup the marina 
or you just sell to all the boat owners. Give every purchaser a flyer, or a couple they will tell friends.

Aviation -  Yes  Aircraft also have Exterior Surfaces, Plastics, Rubbers, Lexan Windows, Aluminum Propellers, Etc.

Museums or Organizations

     Metal Polish - Do all possible demos for them you can! - Brass, Copper, Aluminum.

     Vehicle Polish - Do all possible demos for them you can! - on Paints of Old or Faded Vehicles or Equipment, Plastics etc.  
Hey don't be afraid to polish an area on a Tool Box, Trash Barrel, Fiberglass or plastic Porta-Potty, etc. (look around)
Then leave them with at least a bottle of Metal and a Filled Pump of  Vehicle.      
 Price - Discount it, or @ Cost, or even FREE.  Because, if you can get it in their hands and they continue to explore with it, 
	it could lead to Hundreds of  Dollars of Business for you !!!

Don't miss out on half the show!
When people see what the products will do they are sold 90+% of the time.  
Set Up a Tester 
Fill a PUMP about 1 inch and use it as a loaner,  you can also Fill a 1 oz bottle 1/2 full with Metal 
+ a 1 or 2oz spray bottle with Tire - You can tape them to the pump!
{charge a $5 deposit if you feel you need to}    If YOU do a 30 sec. demo yourself even better !!
"This is a Win! Win!"          They discover 3 great products + you increase your business.         "ENJOY" !!    

Tire Treatment:

Note: Some customers are concerned about the Tire Treatment label stating 
"Petroleum Distillates" Tell them Yes it does contain Petroleum Distillates
so it MUST be stated on the label, but it is only approx. one drop per gallon.
Most all other products contain 3 ½ to 41% Petroleum Distillates.
Web Pages:

If  I  have not yet setup a personal  ENVY webpage for YOU, where YOUR customers
can get order information, view or print a flyer, or Email you with Orders or Questions and view Customer Comments and Detailed Instructions, let me know.    
To see what YOUR WebPage will look like  see:

Remember if you have someone interested in becoming a Dealer (under you)  send them to:      
(Note:  this page is not available to website visitors.)

If you get someone who is VERY interested in becoming a Dealer 
BUT  is held back due to Finances.      Let us know!

                        Here is a listing of Signs and flyers you will recieve.   (Remind Us)

The 2 signs   ENVY – Stop  +   ENVY #1 + #1   we place on the table in front of product and place numerous little samples of what the metal polish does on them.

 The  sign   ENVY – Vehicle Detailed     Put under the wiper of a  car you are polishing. 

The  sign   ENVY – Warning     Use on your polished car or one you just polished.

 The  sign   Sign – Booth - Envy      An attention getter we put above or around our booth.

 The  label   ENVY – Tester Label      We print on a 3” x 5” Label to stick on a pump to loan as a trial.      or  print on paper, wrap around pump and  cover with scotch tape.

 The  sign     ENVY – Tester Statement       (cut in half)   You can give with a loaner pump.

 The  form   ENVY – Trial Signup       Is to put on a Clip Board for people to fill out when they use a trial pump – It helps to get them back!   Get $5 deposit if you think you need to.

 Flyer – Congratulations       One of 2 flyers you will get with YOUR  Contact Info. on.

 Flyer – ENVY        The other flyer you will get with YOUR Contact Info. on.



                               E-Mail Us  with any further Questions !  
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