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Diesel     Furnaces

Furnaces -  as  Small  as  3.4" X 5" X 8.6"  Yet  Over  13,000 BTU      ( Models Available  From  7,500  to  55,000  BTU )

Hot Air Furnaces - Available as a Cab Heater / Hydronic Furnaces - for Engine Heating

PLUS  -  "Complete"  Self  Contained Systems  for  Boats  +  RVs   (with Diesel + Elec. Heat + Hot Water + Engine Heater)

12 Volt  Operation and  Consuming  as  Little  as  Less Then One Gallon of  Fuel in  8  Hours !!


                                Circulating   Pump                                                    Fuel    Pump                           Muffler  -  (w/o it's Quieter them Most)


Several  Heater  Units  Available  -  This  Model  Just  3.85" X 8.5" X 13.5"  (Can use a Thermostat on Each Unit)


Expansion Tank / Reservoir   with  2  Electric  Heating  Elements            6 Gal.  Elec. Water Heater with Heat Exchanger

                            (Heat by Diesel or Electric)                                                           (Hot Water  by Diesel or Electric)


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