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COLOR          Cameras  &  Monitors

The Premier Rear-Vision System for Motor Vehicles

“Changing  The  Way You View The World”

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A simple, easy-to-use mirror-vision Package that enables drivers and/or riders to see what's behind them. It consists of a high-resolution, color display mounted on the front of the vehicle that displays real-time images captured by an infrared or low light camera mounted at the rear.   Be a safer, more aware ride.

4-inch Color Display  -  Infrared Camera   -  Voltage Regulator  -  Mounts  -  Cables and Connectors


Cars  +  Trucks ,    Commercial  Vehicles,    RVs  +  Motorcycles,    Go  Carts  +  ATVs,

Race  Vehicles  +  Boats,    Truck  +  Trailer  Combinations    (with  2  Camera  Systems)


Monitor  -  for  Security,    Reduce  Blind  Spots  by  98%,    Rear  Vision  Systems,

Race  +  Event  Recordings     (Improve Your Driving Techniques !)


Prevent  Fatal  Back-Over  Accidents !!

Color  Monitors  -  4”  WaterProof                  

 Available  in:      Black  -  Brushed  Aluminum  -  Chrome

or   7”  Indoor  Monitors.

Color  Cameras  -  Infrared,    Full  Color,     High  Resolution,    420  Scan  Lines,

35 Ft.  View  in  Total  Darknes     


 Low-Light   Color  Pencil  Cameras   with  380  Scan  Lines   

Cables  +  Connectors -

Dust  Proof ,  Waterproof  +  Locks in Place

 Mounts -

  Quick  Release  for  Easy Change,

Adjustment  +  Theft  Prevention

Plus  Multiple  Mounting Options

 Camera  Systems

Available  to Connect  to:

 Your  Existing  Vehicle’s  Video  Displays

 WaterProof  Systems  For  Recreation + Racing

 Recording  Systems with Vehicle or Helmet Camera Mountings +  Microphone

(Available With Race Data Recordings Too !)


Why Should you Spend More  $$      And  Get  Less  !


The manufacturer will continue to develop new features and increase availability. 

The beauty of this system that it’s highly versatile. 

You can use it on your motorcycle, boat, RV, and your SUV (just to name a few)


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