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  • For Motorhomes, RV's & Trucks (3/4 Ton & Up)!
  • Installs in 30-45 minutes
  • Easily transferrable from vehicle to vehicle
  • Pre-set, Pre-sealed, zero maintenance
  • 10-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty
  • Compatible with all ABS Systems
  • 30 day buy back guarantee
Used By & Designed for ALL Vehicles with Hydraulic Brakes

What is Brake-Guard HD-400?

1. Brake-Guard HD-400 is a purely mechanical (non-electronic) 4 wheel system that uses the existing service brake system of a vehicle & operates automatically every time the brakes are applied. It is remarkably "user friendly".

2. A hydraulic/pneumatic system that operates from signals generated at the braking surfaces through the existing service brake system. These signals actuate the system's two modulators/regulators which compensate for irregularities of braking effort at all brake surfaces and for differentials of braking effort between wheels.


"Brake Thru" Technology

Testing Data

Click the on the link to view the testing data in PDF format.

All tests are on file with Augspurger Komm Engineering, Inc.

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Customer  Comments   Below

NOTE:  These Testimonials represent the typical results that Brake-Guard HD-400 users experience. Your results may vary. Note: All originals are on file.

On March 28, 2002, we had the Brake-Guard System installed on our Airstream Land Yacht 350 Motorhome. .
Comments: Thank you! I now have smooth, straight stops, no wander or fighting the wheel. No more brake squeal. I will never drive with out the Brake Guard.
Date: 5/23/02 Signed Harry Bellerby, Livingston, Texas

On 3/19/03, we had the Brake-Guard System installed on our Vectra Motorhome.
Comments: The safety and confidence in my motorhome has greatly increased. I haven't had to make a panic stop, but going down steep grade the brakes slowed the vehicle with much more ease. I will certainly recommend this brake system to anyone. Thank you for your product. Date: 6/15/03 Signed Herro Bauer, Mesa, Arizona

I had the Brake Guard HD-400 installed on our F350 Ford on September'2002.
Comments: I am a retired Ford heavy truck service engineer of30 years service and pull a 36-foot, 2 slide Travel Supreme Trailer. I am extremely satisfied with the Brake Guard System that Larry installed on my truck... As you should know the electric brake system on your trailer is worthless. They should be outlawed. Not safe. You will really see a great difference in your tow vehicle stopping with the Brake Guard System. We buy bigger trucks 350, 450 and 550. An? bigger and larger trailers 35', 37' and 40 ft. But the trailer still has the electric brake system, which is not safe. Your best money spent is to have the Brake Guard installed on your truck. It will stop the truck and SAVE YOUR LIFE!
Date: September 2002 by Arthur B. Mays (Retired 4-1-95) Heavy Truck Service Specialist Midwest Region, Ford Parts and Service Division

On June 4, 2002, we had the Brake-Guard System installed on our Ford 350 tow vehicle.
Comments: So far have had excellent performance out of the brakes. Can stop pickup and trailer in a much shorter distance. Brake pedal is easier to push. I feel the pickup and trailer are much safer on the road and will help to prevent an accident. Thanks Larry.
Date: 6/12/02 Signed Richard Pinnick, Osborne, Kansas

On June 18, 2003, we had the Brake-Guard HD-400 Model installed on our Ford Montana motorhome.
Comments: I have arthritis in both knees and braking was very painful. Since the Brake-Guard has been installed it takes much less pressure on the brake pedal to stop or sit in the traffic while pressing on the pedal. As a result my knees are much less painful and driving, even long distances, is much Easier.
Also, braking is smoother and the Brake-Guard is very much as advertised! 7/8/03
Signed: Dawn Matson, W. Sacramento, California

NOTE:  These Testimonials represent the typical results that Brake-Guard HD-400 users experience. Your results may vary. Note: All originals are on file.

On September 9, 1999, We had the Brake-Guard HD-400 Model installed oncOurFreightliner FL-50 tow vehicle.
Comments: We had a 1 ton Dodge dual wheel pickup when we started our full time RV adventure, and found out that the towing part was great but the stopping portion was for the birds. The weight ratio from the trailer to the truck was 2.5 to 1. AJOOO lb. Truck has no business trying to stop 17500 lb. of trailer. Solution! Get a bigger truck.
The Freightliner, with the power and weight made for much better driving and stopping condition. The truck weight is 14400 lbs. And that puts the ratio about 1.25 to 1. This made the time traveling on the road a real joy and very relaxing. No more white knuckling.
September 9th I had Brake Guard installed on the truck and the braking ability changed to like having air brakes. The truck went from 204 ft. down to 98 ft. During a panic stop the full rig of 31900 lbs. stops just under 100 ft. shorter. I highly recommend the Brake Guard system to anyone who has a pickup, motorhome, or medium duty truck for better control and piece of mind when you really need to stop. Date: 6/28/03 Signed: Chester H. Hatch, Newport, Oregon

On October 5, 2001, we had the Brake-Guard System installed on our Ithica motorhome.
Comments: No more "diving" or pumping on the brakes. It is great to be able to stop in one half the distance needed before the "Brake Guard" installation on my Itasca. Thanks for the added safety & piece of mind.
Date: 10/12/01 Signed John J. Humphrey, Redding, California

On March 4, 2003, we had the Brake-Guard System installed on our Dodge Pick-up 2001 tow vehicle. Comments: What a big difference there is in stopping in a hurry when I had to. Thank you again.
Date: 2003 Signed Mr. Paul Cleveland, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

On 2/4/03, we had the Brake-Guard System installed on our 2002 Safari Zanzibar Motorhome. Comments: Much less pedal effort, much smoother braking faster stopping. We got\ a chance to use
it on West 1-10 between Tucson and Phoenix when a passenger car pulled in front of us and stopped for no reason on the Interstate - works good!!
Date: 2/22/03 Signed Jim & Karen Hopkins, Aurora, Colorado

On 2/6/02, we had the Brake-Guard System installed on our 1999 Dodge 3/4 ton tow vehicle. Comments: Stops are smoother with less pedal pressure and nosedive. We now tow our 5th wheel
trailer with greatest confidence in our safety.
Date: 3/6/03 Signed Roger Boone, Deming, New Mexico

NOTE:  These Testimonials represent the typical results that Brake-Guard HD-400 users experience. Your results may vary. Note: All originals are on file.

On 6/12/01, We had the Brake-Guard System installed on our RexAir (Ford) motorhome. Comments: As a most skeptical person, I had the Brake Guard installed based on the
recommendations of other owners. I positively, absolutely, without question cannot believe the improved braking performance. The greatest safety investment I've ever made. Thanks. Date: 6/21/01 Signed Frank Fitzgerald, Middleton, MA

On Jan. 22, 2002, we had the Brake-Guard System installed on our 2001 Ford Ranger tow vehicle. Best investment made. It works great and does everything as stated. What an improvement. Date: 1/18/02
Signed William Vincent, Seaview, Washington

On August 21, 2001, we had the Brake-Guard System installed on our 30' motorhome.
Comments: The unit works great, less pressure to activate brakes and it doesn't throw you forward like before.
Date: 9/26/01 Signed William Scheel, Fontana, California

On Jan 11, 2002, we had the Brake-Guard System installed on our Alpine Coach Motorhome. Comments: Drove rig Yuma to Quartzsite and return on Jan. 17 & 22. Brake Guard put thru
break-in. Working great. Very obvious difference. Good braking comfort. Our former Class A (Bounder) also had Brake Guard installed with equally great improved braking. Glad I had it installed. Thanks, Lawrence.
Date: 1/25/01 Signed C. L. Richards, Seguim, WA

On Nov 22, 2002, we had the Brake-Guard System installed on my Motorhome.
Comments: Our motorhome was in storage when we had Brake Guard installed, we left in April to return home. I found driving my motorhome with Brake Guard a great difference the braking was much better, I couldn't believe the difference, real great.
Date: 5/1/02 Signed Richard Carroll, Great Falls, Montana

NOTE:  These Testimonials represent the typical results that Brake-Guard HD-400 users experience. Your results may vary. Note: All originals are on file.

On April 29, 2003, we had the Brake-Guard System installed on our Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel tow vehicle.
Comments: In the few days I have driven the rig since installation; stops seem easier, smoother and seem to require less pedal pressure. I have not had any emergency stops and I have not elected to simulate some for safety reasons.
Date: 5/30/03 Signed Robert J. O'Reilly Jr., Sacramento, California

Dear Larry

Thank God for Brake-Guard. On July 7th 200 I at the Iowa State WIT rally in the Amana Colotlies, Iowa I had a Brake-Guard installed on our 2001 35 foot Winnebago Adventurer. I truly believe that the Lord had a hand in my purchasing this system. For years now I have seen Brake-Guard at our various rallies and always pooh-poohed the fact that it would work. This time however. I felt compelled to take a closer look and after reading all of the handouts decided to have it installed.

On Wednesday October 3rd while Tailending the Great River Road Caravan, we were traveling south on lA-52 from Dubuque to Danville towing our 1999 Saturn station wagon. This highway is a narrow, very curvy two-lane highway with absolutely no shoulders. All of a sudden some fool decided to pass a northbound I8-wheeler across the double yellow line. There was no place to go. We were traveling 60 MPH and jammed the brakes in a panic stop. The car just cleared us by less than 3 feet and was equally close to the truck. It happened so fast that the truck driver couldn't blow his horn until it was over. We laid rubber for a good long way but the Brake-Guard enabled us to slow enough to avoid a head on collision. It was a very straight and even slowing. No pulling or control problems. Without the Brake-Guard we would never have avoided the collision. Judy, my wife, said that without the Brake-Guard our children would have received their inheritance early.

We have had a Motorhome since 1975 and have driven over 250,000 miles. During that time one encounters all sorts of hazards and driving fools. I am certain that without the Brake-Guard System, we would have had our first and most likely our last head-on collision.

When we got into camp that evening, I related the story to the whole caravan after a potluck dinner. Beginning with the way I had pooh-poohed the system for year's right up to the time of the incident. Several of the men came over to the coach to see the system and asked for your address. I made copies of your card on my computer and gave them to all who asked.

Arthur Gunderson
1401 Marvin Rd NE Suite 307 Lacey WA 98516   
     Jul 27th 2002    To Whom It May Concern:

A few years ago I purchased an Itasca M/H on a Chevy chassis. It didn't take much driving of this Motor Home before I realized that the brakes were marginal when it came to severe stopping, such as a panic stop from 50 or 60 mph. I heard about and attended a seminar explaining the problems with Hydraulic equip brakes and how it could be remedied using an accumulator system such as Brake-Guard. I purchased the system and used it flawlessly for over 4 yrs. I then sold the M/H and like a lot of owners I forgot to have the Brake-Guards removed so I could install them on my new M/H.

I then purchased a Ford powered Class C and, for reasons I can't remember at the moment, was talked into putting another type of system on the new rig. The name of the new system was BX -100. After having them installed and using them I found that they were" not as good as the Brake-Guards I had installed on my earlier rig; the big difference was the way the pedal felt and how much longer the stopping distance was. I can say with honesty that they performed about 400/0 as effectively as my Brake-Guards.

I then attended another seminar given by Brake-Guard at Maple Grove (Randle W A) in the summer of2002 and switched back to the Brake-Guard system. It is my strong opinion, after driving both systems, that the Brake-Guard system is by far the better of the two. Even though the BXIOO's are less money to purchase" it only goes to show that you get what you pay for and for me I want the most for my money. Especially when it comes to my safety.

Being a heavy truck driver for part of my life I know what good brakes feel like and Brake-Guard makes my brakes feel and perform just like those big rigs I used to drive.

Arthur Gunderson

NOTE:  These Testimonials represent the typical results that Brake-Guard HD-400 users experience. Your results may vary. Note: All originals are on file.

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