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Truck Bed Extenders

  8' Full Bar Unit  5, 6 and 8ft  Full Bar Units

This extension of your pickup truck bed  will easily load and carry your UTV, Single Criuser, Trike, and many other applications.

Frieght Hauler Application Freight Hauler Application  

                Construction Load Hauler  for  Long Materials                                                            More Room for Long Loads

  • Loading Ramps
  • Motorcycle Ramp
  • Snowmobile Ramps
  • UTV Units
  • Golf Cart Loading  Ramp
  • ATV Accessories
  • Motorcycle Hauler
  • and many more

UTV Bed Extenders

Honda Big Red Unit Prowler 550 Stake Bed Unit  

Arctic Cat 700 - Cadet 748 - Honda Big Red - Kawasaki T-Rex - Prowler 550 - Yamaha 700 Rhino - Polaris 500+  

Extension to carry a large animal or all your hunting gear


ACCESSORIES  for your Truck Bed Extension


Combo3_Trike_Motorcycle_UTV Combo3

This Unit will carry your UTV, Single Criuser, Trike, and many other applications.  

Handsfree Winch Accessory Handsfree Winch Accessory

Limited Lifetime Warranty - 50' Blue Synthetic Rope - Waterproof Motor 

 Upgraded Accessory Package:  

 4-Post Contactor  - Handlebar Thumb Switch  - Aluminum Hawse Fairlead  - Spring Hook and Pull Strap  - Hands free wireless remote

Motor Cycle Hauler Application Motor Cycle Hauler Application

Motorcycle Hauler Accessory - Your motorcycle will load very easy with the push of a remote.

Snowmobile Hauler Snowmobile Hauler

Transport your snowmobile with ease - Push the button once you strap your snowmobile on and it  will be loaded.

Spider Spider Motorcycle Hauler

You can easily load your motorcycle on the spider, strap it down, then pull it into the back of your pickup truck.  Once you are finished for the day you can take the spider off your truck and hang it in your garage for storage.

Portable Conversion Kit Portable Conversion Kit

Kit to have the ability to take your extendahaul unit out and placing it in storage.

Motorcycle Covers Speed-Way Motorsport Shelters 

Custom, secure, motorsport garages with a retractable “roll top” feature for fast, immediate, and easy access to your cycle!

Motorcycle Wheel Chock Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Chock moves up automatically, securing front motorcycle wheel in place.

  • Makes it easy for one person to strap down motorcycle

  • Mounts securely to truck, trailer, or floor

  • Quick and easy

  • Fits most motorcycles

Other  Products


Tuff Truck Bag Tuff Truck Bag

Measures 40" wide x 50" long and 22" tall and can hold nearly anything to keep items safe and dry.

Motor Cycle Hitch Motor Cycle Hitch

The Cycle Hitch allows you to effortlessly load your bike in less than 4 minutes. And the best news is that you do not need to own a pick-up truck, trailer, or find a friend to help you. Simply drive your bike up a small ramp, shift into neutral, hook up the straps, and remove the ramp.


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