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Air Ride Hitches   +   Air Ride Trailer Suspension

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Products   and    Equa-Flex Suspension

These air ride products provide the ultimate ride when pulling RV fifth wheels and small trailers (trailers with axles rated 12K or less) such as equine, racing and cargo. For folks towing this class of towables, the ultimate ride is no longer a dream; it's now a reality.

Why Air Ride?
If you're pulling an RV fifth wheel coach, horse trailer, racing or cargo trailer, ride quality has been a somewhat forgotten aspect of the towing experience. A lot of attention has been paid to the amenities of the product like living quarters, interior electronics, exterior appeal, but the ride seems to be a back burner issue. Today, over 75% of large tractor and trailer rigs built utilize full air ride technology. This includes not only air ride suspensions for the truck and the trailer but also air ride cabs, air ride seats and even air ride trailer couplers are available. Why don't fifth wheelers and their equipment deserve the same comfort and care as you travel down the roads of North America? The answer is, you do, and now you can have it affordably with our air ride couplers and air ride suspension systems. DISCOVER THE COMFORT OF AIR!!

CenterPoint  Suspension

Moving to an air ride for tandem or tri-axle trailers with leaf springs has never been so easy or so reasonably priced.

Experience the Benefits of the Air Ride Center Point Suspension System

Greatly improved ride quality which relieves stress to the total trailer.

Complete load equalization.

Greatly reduced side to side swaying of trailer.

Level towing front to back & side to side.

Allows variable ride heights.

Optimum braking efficiency.

Longer tire and brake life.

Minimal maintenance required.

Dramatic improvement in tow vehicle ride and passenger comfort.

Protection of RV structure and contents.

System mounts completely under the trailer frame and skirting.

The Center Point Suspension adapts to both tandem and tri-axle leaf spring suspensions.

Download the Center Point brochure    PDF

Air  Ride  Pin  Box

Lose the jiggles, bumps, chucks and jars with the 5th wheel Air Ride Pin Box. By adding an air bag at the hitch connection, you, your towing vehicle and the coach enjoy smooth, stable towing performance.

The beauty and reliability of the Trailair® air ride systems is their simplicity. The air ride pin box acts as a buffer, arresting the transfer of road impact between the tow vehicle and the coach to produce smooth, stabilized towing performance.


By cushioning the hitch area, the pin box coupler component can potentially reduce warranty and repair concerns associated with substructure cracking and leaking caused by road impact.

Interior amenities and components— which have continued to escalate as fifth wheels— grow in size and price, are better protected.

RVers gain a "life enhancement" because the coupler yields an over-all improved towing experience.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.  

(60 Day Guarantee + 3 Year Limited Warranty)

Select a Pin Box System (Air Ride Hitch)   PDF

Equa-Flex Trailer Equalizer      

 Cut the chucking, take the stress off & get a smoother ride in your Trailer or 5th Wheel


Trailair’s Equa-Flex™ Equalizer suspension ensures a smoother ride, more stable towing and improved coach and vehicle safety.

On broken pavement at 55mph, Equa-Flex™ reduced G-force up to 89% (360Hz)* at the trailer frame. It’s the ultimate rough road remover!

Trailair® constructs Equa-Flex from specially formulated rubber that absorbs vibration from road bumps, holes and cracks.

It soaks up & dissipates road shocks instead of transferring them directly into the interior of your coach. When your favorite pictures & dishes tumble off shelves in your trailer, you can usually blame those road bumps & vibrations as the likely culprit.

Equa-Flex Handles The
Same Load As Rigid Springs

This invention completely replaces the standard rigid double-eye leaf spring suspension you normally find on two & three-axle trailers and 5th wheels. It’s installed on light axles up to 8,000 lbs.

Equa-Flex allows the same rotation as standard rigid equalizers. That means it can handle the same heavy load equalization as rigid springs

You Feel The Difference
On Rough Roads

One critic says you will not see an appreciable difference on smooth roads because there aren’t as many bumps to cushion. But, he goes on to say “the big difference is evident on rough & unpaved roads.” Of course, it’s the rough roads that wear your equipment most and do the most damage — the kind of areas we tend to take trailers into.

Equa-Flex Warranty

Equa-Flex offers a one-year warranty to the original owner.

The first time you hit a rough road and actually feel how easily your rig takes the bumps — without the chucking — you’ll know you’ve made a good choice.

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Hitch + Suspension  Q+A  and  Testimonials Below


Do I need an air compressor? How do I fill it with air? An air compressor is not required but is certainly a recommended item to have if you are going to use an air ride product. If your truck does not already have air onboard, most any portable air compressor designed to fill a truck tire will work great as long as it can produce air pressure from 80psi to 120psi depending on the hitch needed and the coach you're pulling. A standard tire fill valve is used on the topside of the air spring to fill it with air so it is just like filling a tire.

How much air does it take? A combination of things affect the amount of air needed such as; the size of the air spring in diameter and height, the pin weight of the coach, the mechanics of the individual hitch, altitude and ambient temperature. Air pressures can range from 20 psi to 120 psi depending on the aforementioned items. The air ride pin box is to be maintained at a predetermined ride height found on the system. We want you to maintain the ride height, not the air pressure. With the truck and trailer coupled, at rest and on level ground, you should have enough air in the bag to open the jaw to a point that the bottom lip of the top shroud on the shock absorber is even with the arrows on the decal that is affixed to the lower body of the shock absorber.

How much does the hitch move up and down in tow? The unique scissor action of the air ride pin box is designed to travel up 1" and down 1" at the king pin for 2" of total travel. At the front of the pin box, the travel is about 1 ½" up and down for a total of 3" travel.

What happens if the air bag loses its air? If the system loses air, troubleshooting is easy because it can be only one of three things; the air spring fitting, the fill valve or the air spring itself. First thing to check is the seal of the air spring fitting to make sure it is sealed by simply pouring water on the area. If it bubbles, pull the fitting out, re-coat it with Teflon tape or standard pipe fitters dope and re-install (torque it to 20 ft./lbs). Next item to check is the fill valve by spraying soapy water on the area with the cap removed. If it bubbles, replace the fill valve core by simply sticking the topside of the cap onto the valve core and spinning counter clockwise to remove it. It can be found at most auto parts stores or by contacting Trailair. If the first two are not leaking then the air spring is not holding air and a replacement should be obtained directly from Trailair.

Can I pull my fifth wheel coach without air in the air spring? Absolutely!! Every Trailair air ride pin box design comes equipped with mechanical stops that insure the air spring, shock absorber or other components will be properly maintained in the event of an air failure. In the event the coach is pulled without any air, the ride quality will revert to the quality you had with the standard pin box that you replaced.

How much will it extend my pin? That depends on the pin box being replaced. Many of the advertisements and articles show our extended pin box because it was the first air ride pin box we unveiled. If you match your replacement style to a Trailair pin box, the pin would not extend more than about 5 inches and in many cases, it will be the same.

Is the air spring and shock absorber an off the shelf item? Either Goodyear or Firestone makes the air springs and are standard air springs found in most of their industrial catalogs. Either Monroe or Sachs Automotive Co makes the shock absorbers for Trailair. Both companies use standard shock components but both have special internal valving suited specifically for the needs of Trailair. Suitable replacements may be obtained through authorized Trailair dealers or directly from Trailair.

How do I hook and unhook from my truck? When hooking and unhooking, the main thing to keep in mind is to not over compensate for the oscillation of the lower jaw. You should hook and unhook without changing the air in the air spring. When unhooking from the trailer you can avoid "high pinning" by raising your coach just enough to take most of the weight off of the truck (even though the lower jaw is pushing down, you can take most of the weight off the truck). A good indicator of when the weight is off the truck is when the king pin plate on the lower jaw of the Trailair air ride pin box is parallel to the ground. At that point, then unlock the fifth wheel hitch and pull out. Sometimes you have to "pop" the jaws of your fifth wheel loose if they are in a bind by putting your truck in forward or reverse and stepping on the brake just enough to dislodge the jaw mechanism in your fifth wheel hitch. Be careful to not damage your landing gear on your coach.

When you reconnect the truck to the fifth wheel, the lower jaw will be down approximately 1 1/2" in the front. The Trailair lower jaw is built with a front lip that will allow your fifth wheel to push against it as you back the truck under the trailer. Simply line up the pin and back under the trailer, the truck will push the lower jaw out of the way and the king pin will snap into the fifth wheel. Be sure to lock your fifth wheel and attach your safety brake cable as well as connect your electrical cable before you travel.

Can I use my tri-pod with this air ride pin box? Yes, You may find, depending on the construction of your tri-pod, that you will have to raise your coach about 1 ½" after you have disconnected from the truck so that the tri-pod will slip under the kingpin. Once the tri-pod is in place, simply lower the coach down onto the tri-pod, thus transferring the weight to it. To remove the tri-pod, lift the coach up high enough to remove it. Remember to let the king pin back down that 1 ½" for reconnecting to the truck so that you do not "high pin" when connecting to the fifth wheel hitch.

Which will benefit most, the truck or the trailer? In most cases, the largest benefit will be seen or felt by the fifth wheel coach. The ability of the Trailair air ride pin box to absorb road shock and stresses from the truck and trailer battling each other is unsurpassed. The dampening effect will reduce trailer frame flex, stress to the outer skin and also to the interior amenities. In most cases, a dramatic benefit in ride quality is felt in the truck as well. In a small percentage of cases, little or no benefit is felt in the truck. If that happens to be the case, many times Trailair can make the performance better with different air bags or shock absorbers. Simply call a Trailair technician for assistance if you're having this experience.

Does the size of the truck effect the performance? It can. An undersized truck suspension or underpowered truck can have an adverse effect on the ride quality when pulling a fifth wheel coach. Always make sure you are operating within the recommended practices of the manufacturer of both the tow vehicle and the Fifth wheel coach.

Does tire inflation have an effect? Absolutely!! First, an under inflated tire is dangerous and anyone towing should make sure that all tires meet the requirements for load and inflation as set forth by the tire manufacturer used on both the truck and the trailer. Having said that, Trailair highly recommends using a tire inflation chart that can be obtained from most tire manufactures or from the Tire and Rim Association, Inc. It is clear that an OVER-inflated tire can adversely affect the ride quality of a rig, sometimes dramatically. For example, a common tire used in light truck is the 235/85R/16 load range E tire. Most makes of tires allow for a single tire to be loaded to 3042 pounds at 80psi. Many manufactures of this size tire allow for it also to be at less air pressure when seeing less weight. In the case of this tire if the load bourn by the tire is 2400 pounds, it may be acceptable to run it at 60psi. By simply knowing the weights of all axles, both loaded and empty, and using recommended practices, your tires can be operated within safe ranges that will allow you to carry the load properly and safely, but also enjoy the softest ride possible. Also be sure that you have the correct air pressure for the weight when connected to your trailer. Consult your tire manufacturer or dealer for Light Truck Load & Inflation tables from the Tire and Rim Association, Inc for the make and model tire.

Will the air ride pin box work with various rear trailer suspensions? Yes. The simple rule is that the better quality the rear suspension, the less affect the air ride pin box will have on overall ride quality. However, the important thing to keep in mind is that even with the very best possible rear suspension (Of course we are partial to the Trailair RV-Series rear air ride suspension), the battle between the truck and the coach still remains and the air ride pin box will certainly reduce the effects of that battle.

Testimonials    Hitch + Suspension

What are people saying about the Trailair® Air Ride Pin Box?


Just a short note to say thanks for your help when I installed the coupler on my new fifth wheel, it went so smoothly I was truly suprised. the bolts lined up better than the original on my Travel Supreme and there are now 8 more bolts in your pinbox. In my 63 years I have found very few products that delivered what was advertised. Your pinbox is the only product that I have ever bought that did better than advertised in every respect. It truly is an amazing product that I would recommend to anyone with a fifth wheel. On our first trip I placed a coffee cup on the table as a test, after 150 miles it had not moved . I had accidently left my water filter lying on a plastic storage container in the compartment below and it did not move either . Thanks for making such a great product . The ride in our Super Duty Ford is so much smoother you would have to ride in it to believe it.

Thomas Robertson
Jeffersonville, Indiana


I have just towed with your 5th wheel hitch for the first time [200 miles] last weekend. I am converted. I will never have a 5er with out one of these. They should be std on all trailers. I tow a 27.7 Nash and a 3000# boat and it has made this combination very drivable. Thank you for such a great product.



We installed our Trailair and are very happy with the result. Our 2002 GMC 2500 HD pulling the Montana 3295 RK with the new Trailair is great. We noticed significant reduction in the jerking of the 5th wheel. I wish the California roads were as good for the truck as the Tailair is for the Montana! Anyway, with the 5th wheel doing so well, I guess we need to get air bags for the GMC. Thanks.

Keefer Knill

Jeff Altenderfer - Reading, Pa.
We just received our Cedar Creek 30 RLBS 2004 5th wheel with trailair top and bottom. I bought my wife a dozen roses in a large glass vase and she brought them home from work and wanted to take them along camping for the first time with our new trailer. This was Thursday, on Friday we left home and we were almost at the local campground which was about 11 miles away. At that time my wife remembered that we had left the roses on the kitchen table in the 5th wheel. Thinking the worst, we stopped and opened up the door and guess where the roses were??????????? On the table, and not on the floor. They had moved but they were still on the table. All we could say to each other was, WOW. Thank you, Trailair! Satisfied customer. Jeff Altenderfer


The new truck didn't come in in-time for our trip on July 10, so we towed with our old truck ('97 GMC 4dr, dually).

I pumped the air bag up to the mark (about 95psi), but let it off a little to level the trailer. As with any heavy suspension, you could still feel the bumps, but the shock impact was greatly reduced. Even my wife and children noticed the difference.

I towed with the '03 GMC 4dr, long-bed dually a couple of weeks ago. I know that you all have had some concerns about the ride of the new HD GM's, but so far mine has done great.

The bottom line is my '03 rides better than the older truck. This is true for both unloaded and loaded (trailering) conditions. As with most any truck having a heavy rear suspension you feel the bumps, but the king pin shock is adequately dampened by the Trailair. The ride overall is most acceptable. My wife even commented that under good road conditions she couldn't tell that our fifth-wheel (36+ feet) was back there.

Regardless, the Trailair is a WINNER! I'll be giving it a "thumbs-up" to all who question me about it's performance.

Again, many thanks for all of your courtesy!

Ed Powell
Andrews, Hammock & Powell, Inc.
Macon, GA

Dear Tim,

Wanted to let you know that the exchange of the pinball plate went great!! The holes matched perfectly in fact we have more bolts holding than original.. now 7 per side versus six. The alignment was perfect and then the true test... we hit the road and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! If I ever trade my Kingsley the new unit will have to have a Trailair... We didn't even know it was back there!

You have a superior product and the St Johns are sure glad that you designed it... we now have a 5th that affords us the extra space needed with a short bed truck and the ride is wonderful.

Again, thank you for all of your information, time and patience with all of our questions.

Larry and Judy St John

Karl Dryfhout - Sequim, WA.
I installed Trailair on my 34" Alfa a few months ago. Last week was the first long trip we took since installing it. What a difference! It took most of "bumps" out of the road. It is particularly noticeable when going over railroad tracks. No longer the do we feel the hitch banging around when the trailer tires hit the tracks. We were very impressed with the way our trailer handled - hardly knew it was behind us! Also, although the hitch is quite heavy to handle during installation, it was rather simple installation procedure with 2 people as it bolted right on.

Roger R. Pehrson - Ashton, Idaho


I applied to be an Ambassador the other day and then I thought you would like to see some pictures of the unit I installed on my trailer. It really turned out very nice.

I took it for a ride on the roughest roads near my house, namely Highway #20 and Highway #32 in Idaho. These are the worst roads in Idaho, lots of "Jars" from the bumps and "sways" from the grooves of the big trucks.

I placed some bowls on the kitchen counter, Containers on the Dining table, a glass on the floor in the bathroom, left a jar of hand cleaner on the sink in the bathroom as a test. I left the mirror doors un-taped to see if they would fly open. I drove at 65 mph and didn't baby it at all.

When I returned home I inspected the trailer and everything was in the same place I left it except the bowl on the kitchen sink had moved to the side about 2 inches. The mirrors stayed closed and the hand cleaner was exactly in place, the glass was still standing.

WOW! I'm really impressed with this Trailair Hitch. It is hard to believe the outstanding results. My wife is happy as a lark about this. (I had a hard time selling her on it--but now she tells everyone she knows about it.)

By the way, The truck has air ride chassis, air ride cab, and air ride seats, however we both noticed a greatly improved comfort level with the addition of the "Trailair" Hitch. This is the greatest thing I have added to our rig. The stress on the frame is almost non-existent and I know this will lengthen the life of our trailer.

Thanks for making such a Great Product!

Bob Butler - Fort Myers, FL
"My wife left a cup of coffee sitting on the table in the bedroom and we rode for 150 miles and it didn't spill. Before the Trailair coupler, coffee would have been on everything in the bedroom. Rides like it's on a cushion. During our test we drove 350 miles, you just don't feel the road bumps like you used to. It feels like the trailer is just floating back there. I recommend it based on the ride in the truck and how easy it is on the coach."

Danny Copas - Bowling Green, KY
"The smooth ride you achieve with the Trailair coupler makes long rides much more comfortable and easier to drive. It made a huge difference; I noticed the smoother ride immediately. It greatly reduced the amount of rattling and shaking around of everything in my trailer. I was very impressed, much easier to handle. A must have for any full-timer with a 5th wheel trailer and worth every penny. I'm sure that the ride is much easier on my trailer."

Donald Small - Nashville, TN
"Best thing to come along since we started camping in '55, this has changed the whole concept of towing! The roughness of the trailer, disappeared, we don't even feel it back there. You don't even notice railroad tracks, bridges or uneven pavement. When stopping, you don't feel the surge of the trailer as bad. With our rear kitchen, we now don't have to be careful opening our cabinets. I filled an ice tray, put it in the freezer, after towing it was exactly where I left it. Overall handling is excellent."

Henry and Kay Hauffe - Intl. Events Managers Travel Supreme Owners Association.
"We were introduced to the Trailair, air ride pin box at the Travel Supreme International Rally in August of 2001. Ours was installed after the rally at the facility in Indiana. We have towed our 36' unit approximately 6000 miles with the Trailair installed. There has been substantial improvement in the trailer ride and handling with the Trailair. Things that moved about while traveling stayed put now. Tow vehicle comfort is substantially improved also. Trailair has been proven to be cost effective, easily installed, reliable, alternative to an air ride hitch.

Michael & Norma Bell - Jeffersonville, IN
"After having extensive surgery on my neck in the spring of 2000, my wife and I thought we were going to have to make a major life style change. We were rapidly approaching retirement and enjoying RVing pulling a 5th wheel trailer. After surgery, riding in the truck became extremely painful after 3 or 4 hours on the road due to the vibration from the suspension. We tried several after market enhancements, some helping a minor bit. After seeing an article in Trailer Life Magazine about Trailair, we contacted you for additional technical information, which was sent immediately. After having the Trailair pin box installed on our 32' Presidential 5th wheel trailer we are still amazed at the performance of your product. Having logged approximately 2000 miles on the unit, the absorption of road vibration and road impacts is still nearly unbelievable. We have been RVing for a number of years, and never have experienced a comfort level on the road such as we are enjoying. Another benefit of the Trailair product we never expected is the ride of the trailer. (We were concerned about my neck, not the trailer) The above-mentioned trailer is a rear kitchen model, which are the worlds worst at breaking and spilling the contents of the cabinets while on the road. Since the Trailair has been installed we have not had one incidence of broken dishes nor have we had a cabinet door open while traveling. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT PRODUCT! (We will never leave home without it)

Virgil Heston - Freeman, MO
"The Trailair 5th wheel pin box coupler is a great improvement over the standard pin box. Driving on slab concrete highway the trailer does not shake the truck as before. Pulling out of a parking lot onto the roadway there was a dip that bounced the trailer hard. I waited for the trailer to shake the truck when it hit the dip but couldn't even tell when I crossed. My wife can even take a nap with her head back against the seat, now that the trailer does not shake the truck. Driving is much more comfortable with your air ride pin box. This air ride pin box will reduce the stress on both the truck and trailer."

Joe Pellegrini - Fresno, CA
"Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with our Trailair 5th wheel pin box. We have a 31ft 5th wheel toy hauler, which we pull with our Ford F350 Power Stroke crew cab flat bed truck. Before your system we had not only a rough ride but also numerous structural problems at the hitch end of our trailer. The aluminum siding was separating, 5th wheel framework was cracking and the walls were actually moving up and down in the bedroom. On three separate occasions warrantee rebuilds were performed by the manufacture. During the third round of repairs the trailer manufacture installed your product with the hopes that it would help considerably. Since your pin box was installed, our ride is much smoother and we haven't had the problems we were experiencing with our trailer coming apart and we sincerely believe that the air ride pin box has made the difference. You can actually see the pin box work as your traveling. We are very pleased with the performance of your product and plan to purchase a new unit for every trailer we own. Thank You!"

Roy Jernigan - Livingston, TX
I am pleased to inform you I have had the Trailair Pin Box installed that I purchased at the Holiday Rambler Rally in Tampa FL. Camping World installed the hitch March 21, in Tampa. My wife and I departed FL March 22, towing our 35', triple slide Cardinal Fifth wheel Coach on our way to OK. We traveled I-75 and I-10 in Florida then US 98 in Alabama to US 49 at Hattiesburg, MS then to I-20 at Jackson MS. We traveled I-20 through MS to US 259 at Longview TX, then US 259 to Broken Bow OK. Anyone traveling this route can tell you these are some of the worst roads in the country to pull a trailer over. I had traveled this same route going to Florida. I am delighted to inform you there are no comparison to the return trip from the one going. The Trailair Pin Box Coupler made all the difference in the world. It was a pleasure to just drive, and watch in my rearview mirror and see the smoothness as the air cushion worked. The ride was vastly improved; the trailer rode so much better, making the driving a pleasure. I told my wife as we were traveling that I wouldn't take anything for this hitch if I could not get another. The ride and handling was well worth the cost. I will certainly recommend this TRAILAIR hitch to anyone I see. My statements here are not exaggerated, simply as it is. Again, thank you guys for coming up with a controller like this.

Ray & Lucy - Patin, The Cajuns
Thanks so much for "Trailair". We thought "Trailair" would be good, but what we didn't know was that it was great! We've been camping for 40 years. We've been towing a fifth wheel for over twelve. We thought getting a larger vehicle would solve our bouncing problems, however, that was not the solution. As the passenger, Lucy likes to read and work puzzles. That was never possible until "Trailair" came into our lives. Even the driver (Ray), although we have air ride was bouncing all over. Thanks again for a fine product that has definitely given us a fine ride.

William and Barbara Stevens - Gatlinburg, TN
Hey, Kara: We are in Cape Hatteras, and really enjoying our trip.The Trailair air ride pin box worked great on our way over here, (617 Miles) from Gatlinburg, Tn. We left 2,500 Ft. Above sea level, and are sitting at about 6 ft. above sea level, and you were right. When we arrived at the lower eledvation, we had to put a little air in the problem. I-40 around Greensboro and Raleigh is absolutely terrible....almost as bad as I-70..but the Trailair certainly helped smooth it out considerably. Wed had left a Kleenex tissue box on the back of the seat in the slide out, and it never moved. Our T.V., with no velcro or bungees, never moved from its location on the shelf.

I personally think that you-all have done the 5th. Wheel owners a great service. I wish we could buy some stock in your company. Please let me know when it becomes available.

I thought you would like the attached picture. Since we are about to celebrate the 4TH., I attached a little American flag next to the shock. Can't wait to try it out on our trip to California and the West in August.

We are gettijng a lot of questions about the Trailair, and it is definitely of interest to everyone with a 5Th. Wheeler.

Sincerely, William and Barbara Stevens

Mark W. & Dwanna L. Munger - Custer, SD, Boulder City, NV and Beyond
Dear Tim,

My wife and I want to take this opportunity to thank you and Dale for finally stepping to the forefront and making the "Trailair" air suspension pin box available. We own a forty (40') foot Alfa Toyhouse which we have had for one year. During the course of that year we have put approximately sixty thousand (60,000) miles on our coach and have had nothing but problems, mainly due to the deplorable road conditions that exist in our country today and the impact forces that these road conditions cause to be inflicted upon our coach. Fifty thousand (50,000) of those miles were put on with the standard solid pin box configuration that most fifth wheel manufacturers use. We have had everything happen that one could imagine, from screws continually falling out of the shower to an entire main crossmember literally sheering off and coming down through the belly pan. In addition, cracks in the walls at the corners of the front slide and numerous cracks in the frame in close proximity to the pin box and the frame risers became a common occurrence. We just finished a three (3) week stint at the Alfa factory while these structural repairs were made and, I must say, that their service and warranty departments did a fine job. We are "Back On The Road Again".

We had our "Trailair" pin box installed this past May 12th and we noticed the difference immediately. The screws stopped unscrewing from the shower. The mattress stayed on the bed. The cabinet doors stopped opening and spilling the contents all over the coach. Unfortunately it was too late for the frame, the crossmember, and the wall sections that Alfa had to replace, but we are confident that these problems will not reappear as a direct result of our new "Trailair" pin box. There is a noticeable difference in the ride of our towing vehicle also.

All in all, the installation of this accessory has been, and we are confident will continue to be, a total success. It is economically priced and easily installed. It should have been on the coach new, as standard equipment, from the factory.

Once again, a hearty THANK YOU and congratulations on a job well done.


Mark W. and Dwanna L. Munger

L. Jack Martin - Lonview, Texas
I want to thank the Trailair , especially the staff. Tim is the gentleman that I talked to and gave him the measurement of my old Hitch and He said that I needed an M-22 Trailair hitch. I have to tell you Tim, that the hitch fit my Fifth Wheel like a glove. We have taken one trip since I installed it on my travel trailer and I am very pleased with the way the "air ride pin box" performs. I showed it off to several of my friends and they were very impressed with it and I hope it gets you some sales. We drove over some highway where construction was going on and there was a sign that said "Bump". The speed limit was forty five mph and that was what I was driving and I wanted to give the Trailair a good test so I didn't slow down and my Fifth Wheel didn't bottom out like it usually did. There was not that loud banging sound.

Thanks again for coming up with this fine hitch.

Yours Truly

A Fine Hitch - Donald D. Sharp

I recently purchased one of your new hitches, which I installed on my new NuWa 35-CKQG. We have just returned form a 2500 mile roundtrip visit to Va. Our return trip was via I- 64, which had a lot of bridge repair underway. The approaches to the bridges were being replaced and were very rough. We hit one going a little to fast. Not a problem, your hitch took the bounce out of what could have been very rough. Nothing in the RV moved!

Thanks for a fine product.

Donald D. Sharp

J.E. (TED) Pilcher, Jr. - Prescott, AZ
I just wanted you to know how I feel about the Trailair product that we recently had installed on our 5th wheel trailer when we were about half way through a 2500-mile round trip.

In short, it’s wonderful! I expected it to be good, but it’s great. Prior to the installation, we thought we could feel every little pebble in the road and large obstacles, such as cattle guards and RR tracks were a major “shake-up”. Now we hardly know that the trailer is back there. My wife can play her electronic games and work puzzles while I drive; this was impossible before the installation of the Trailair. I have tried many new products in the past but the Trailair is the only one that I can say actually works as good as advertised.

We are currently purchasing a high-end 5th wheel trailer. Whatever we buy will have a Trailair Coupler on it before I park it on our driveway. My Trailair is just like my American Express car; I wouldn’t leave home without it.

A very satisfied customer,
J.E. (TED) Pilcher, Jr.

Nice unit, that airbag hitch - Wayne Clews
Dear Tim;

That new airbag hitch went on like a dream. Determine proper position, (instructions were clear and understandable), mark, drill, assemble, and bolt. A bit of air and we were on our way.

Our rig is 35' long and takes quite a hit on frost heaves in the Canadian mountains. The Trailair hitching system is truly the answer. I have driven lots of rigs and equipment and purchased many devices that looked good. Trailair is every bit as good as it looks. My wife and I look forward to years of enjoyment (additional smooth enjoyment) as we travel the Canadian and U.S. hiways. Truly we both have a winner in Trailair.

Kindest regards;
Wayne Clews

Jim & Cheryl Boyes - Orillia, Ontario Canada
Hi, thought we would let you know just how much we enjoyed our visit to your plant and having our hitch installed by the "Sevice Manager", he really seemed to know what he was doing.

We travelled down to Texas and really appreciatied the difference in the ride. I would say it is a least a 90% improvement over the ride we experienced prior to the Trailair hitch. We are looking forward to hearing about the new product when it is available.

Again thanks to Dale for such a great experience in dealing with Trailair.

Jim & Cheryl Boyes

Bruce Cowell - Eastlake, Ohio
Just wanted to say how much we appreciate your swift response to our problem with the shock on our TrailAire hitch. It is a pleasure doing business with a company that puts the customer first! We love the hitch - best single investment we've made on our trailer. Now I want to look into the center point suspension system. Thanks again for the prompt service - you saved our vacation.

Bruce Cowell
Eastlake, Ohio

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Joe and Donna Sweeny - Sallisaw, Oklahoma
Dear Dale:

Just a brief letter to let you know how we like our "new toys." The Air Ride Pin Box that you installed on our 30 ft. Fifth Wheel is great.

Before we had the Pin Box, when we went across bridges or dips (a lot of these out there); going down the interstate where the road is rough (lots of that) we felt a jerking motion in the cab. Now that the Pin Box is installed we no longer feel this. The ride for us in the truck is much smoother.

When looking back at the trailer, you can see the shocks on the Pin Box working with a gliding motion. It has made our traveling much more comfortable. And we travel about 25,000 miles a year. We are retired and that is what we do...

Then we added the Centerpoint. Seems like the trailer has a smother ride now too. Things seem to stay in place much better. We have a rear kitchen and everytime we got somewhere, the cabinets had to be straightened again. Now things stay put. We like that. Sure saves on "setting up time."

Thanks for all the great service,

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